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Hermitage Museum and Gardens Wedding in Norfolk, Virginia- Amanda and Fritz.

Updated: Feb 14

One of the things I love about being a wedding photographer is getting to know the couple. It is kind of like my process – when I learn about the couple, I understand them better, which allows me to capture their moments better. At Amanda and Fritz's wedding, I loved this part of my job, and the whole process made their wedding a lot of fun for me.

Amanda and Fritz met online, but they clicked the first time they met in person! These two are adventurous – and their love story is nothing I come across on a regular basis. Apart from the fact they both love motorbikes, camping and working out – can you imagine they also got engaged on their skydiving trip? Well, Fritz asked Amanda out as soon as she landed from the skydive – this story alone made me understand their connection and showed how much they truly love being with each other. And it all made sense when they arrived at their wedding to capture their beautiful moments.

I first went to the bride's getting-ready location and was super delighted to find her surrounded by her family and friends. We had the most beautiful first look when Amanda came out looking her gorgeous self, all dressed up in white, only to leave all her bridesmaids teary-eyed. And Amanda being herself, showed up in cute white sneakers paired with her white dress.

Fritz looked dapper, donning his uniform, and it was hard for him to control his emotions when he first saw Amanda walk down the aisle. It was all smiles when they united at the front and said their vows – I couldn't help to keep my eyes or, in this case, my camera away from this beautiful couple.

Hermitage Museum and Gardens made an incredible location for wedding photography, and we manage to capture countless beautiful photos of the couple there. Looking back at the pictures, I can say these two are truly unique but totally meant for each other!

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