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The weirdo behind the camera.

I'm the photographer who would break their leg on a 8 mile hike the day before your wedding and still show up. I have your back, if you have mine. We want to to be a good fit, believe me when I say that. We will want to get to know each other, I'll start.


I want the steamy, intimate, kiss you on the neck, pull her hair back, smack her butt,  kind of love. Capturing real moments with real people, That is photography to me.  




I'm the maid of honor that doesn't come with the drama



Lindsay is was such a joy and has an exceptional eye. Her passion comes through and it's clear she loves what she does. That's who you want taking your pictures. When things changed last minute she was super quick to respond and was empathetic and understanding to our situation - way to take the stress/weight off. It was so much fun shooting with Lindsay and when we saw the pictures we were both like yes!! She got the shot, she captured the love, she found the angles, etc. Lindsay makes the process seamless so you really feel like you're just hanging out. My fiance had hesitations and reservations, we were both in our heads prior to the shoot, stressed out and a little on edge going into it but by the end all of that was gone. We were in much better moods. LOL. We were all dressed up from the shoot we decided to go on a date afterward. I cannot recommend Lindsay enough. Her professionalism, her humor, her joy and passion for what she does made the whole experience so much fun. And the results were incredibly beautiful shots at an affordable rate. Call her - she answers immediately - every time. Talk about fantastic service!! Thank you so much Lindsay.


There aren’t words to describe how blessed and lucky my husband and I are to have found the gem that is Lindsay Brown. I initially fell in love with Lindsay’s work because she captured moments of love and life that were intimate and real, not staged and posed. I loved her editing style and I thought to myself, I need to have photos like this for myself. I sent Lindsay a generic message and she called and left me a message within minutes. She was incredibly responsive and we made a date to go and get coffee to meet. Immediately I knew she was the one for us! She was bubbly, energetic, inquisitive and professional. She is HILARIOUS and goofy and really is a ray of sunshine. Lindsay spent three hours with us for our engagement shoot that was included in her service (???). She made it everything we could have wanted and more because we had FUN doing it. The space between our engagement shoot and wedding I found myself missing Lindsay’s spirit and being so excited to see her on our wedding day. The day came and again she was on top of everything and put everyone including me (the crazy bride) at ease. Lindsay has become someone who will hopefully do all my photography needs for the rest of forever and be a friend as well. Lindsay sent us an insane amount of “sneak peak” pictures the MORNING after our wedding. If you don’t hire her for your big day you are missing out. I couldn’t recommend her more.


Lindsay is hands down the best vendor decision we made for our engagement photos & wedding - she is such a delightful, genuine and talented person. I'm amazed by the number of moments we was able to capture - when we got our beautiful photos back it seemed there were 3 photographers instead of 1 - she will go above and beyond to give you the portraits and capture the moments that mean the most to you. And, she's so much fun!! This is the one! Choose her!


You, scrolling through reviews; trying to make what for me was the toughest choice surrounding your entire wedding. I want you to read this whole thing. At the very least half; because I'm going to tell you why you need to stop your search; and call Lindsay.
Someone told me the photographer is where you should invest the most energy to finding. Because you can have the most perfect wedding, but if you don't have the person documenting it on their A game- it wont mean much looking back.
The moment i saw some sample pictures; I knew I needed her. If I'm being 100% honest, I didn't really entertain the idea of meeting with anyone else but her.
i inquired, and within moments i had a message on all platforms of communication i provided. within a few days we met for coffee. I won't lie, It was a bit intimidating; because she was ON IT. she asked questions i didn't even know i had answers too. Her presentation of her service and what we would be able to expect was flawless. I had no questions except what do we do to lock this down?
our wedding was nothing short of chaotic. So many small things happened that felt so huge at the time; and for whatever reason i found myself texting her and confiding in her because i knew she would find a way to bring it all together. I felt a huge weight lift off me when she arrived cause i knew it was go time. I knew we had a schedule and she was going to keep me going. Because that's the type of person you get when you work with Lindsay; a dope ass friend.
moral of the story? Your search has ended. Hire her. And do it now because someone else is probably already trying too.


How can I give Lindsay more than 5 stars?! It's hard to express how incredible Lindsay is -- both as a person & as a photographer. So this may be long, but if you're a bride to be please read all the way through.

We really needed someone that sounded too good to be true…. Someone flexible, talented, with an incredible eye, but more than anything we needed someone who was fun and willing to take our vision and run with it! Lindsay is all of these things and so much more! She is the definition of what you want in a wedding photographer... ESPECIALLY brides who are planning from far away. My entire planning process was stress free and easy – from her online questionnaires, to her speedy responses to emails, and regular over the phone check-ins... we felt like we knew her and she really knew us before we ever met in person.
Lindsay is IN LOVE with what she does and it shows through how much she pours into concepting shots, catching moments, and getting to know her couples unique relationship, and commitment to go above and beyond in every detail.
My husband, family, and friends loved completely loved her- Which resulted in her bringing out the best candid shots which we really had wanted. Please- if you are considering a wedding photographer hear me when I say… if she could go above and beyond to this extent and make us this over the moon while being down a limb that says it all. Thank you Lindsay we love you!


Words can never really explain how blessed Michael & I have been to meet Lindsay. From meeting over social media, to becoming our wedding photographer, to now a forever friend. She makes every picture speak words, she captures a single idea you have in your head and makes it 1,000 times better behind the lenses. We have worked with Lindsay a handful of times and she truly makes every set so fun, laughable, playful, and comfortable. We have pictures to look back on our special day that shows every emotion we felt in that moment all due to her. I highly recommend Lindsay for ANY photos you have in mind. She has a true gift and you can see that in her photos. Michael & I love you Lindsay. Thank you will never ever be enough.

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