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I'm located in Tacoma, Washington. I am an adventurous couples photographer. I feel I am the luckiest person in the world because for a living I get to capture two people crazy in love for one another.

A little something about me other than photography. I am an Army wife to the most amazing supportive husband. You may even see him come to our session, he is my right hand. Plus he's the jokster. (You're welcome for the ab workout). I may have an addiction to coffee, okay I have an addition to coffee... Indie folk music is my jam, you will catch me staying up all night editing with this on Pandora. I love the water, what can I say I'm a Florida girl at heart. I have this wanderlust heart to see new things, experience new adventurers, and meet new people. I'm always onto the next big adrenaline rush. My husband brings out that side in me.

If you are the kind of couple willing to get wind in your hair, climb rocks barefoot, adventure places most are afraid to hike, get a little wet and dirty, then you and I will be best besties in no time. 

I love capturing people at their happiest times. I'm not about forced awkward posing, I want the real kind of love, the kind of love where you are so in the moment I'm capturing the in-between when you think no one is watching. I want the steamy, intimate, kiss you on the neck, pull her hair back, smack her butt,  kind of love. Capturing real moments with real people, That's photography to me.  

This Is Kennedy.
My husband, dog daddy, sexy Army man, sarcastic butt hole, my bestie till the day we die.
Some fun facts about us:
  • Moved across country for the military life.
  • We have two doodle boys together.
  • Our favorite thing to do together is go to a hockey game.
  • We LOVE food.
  • He hates getting his photos taken, and I love taking them of him. Funny how that worked out.
  • We have cheesy nick names for each other. Don't judge.
  • We are adventurous, we won't buy each other gifts, only experiences.
  • We are both scuba certified.
  • We met while traveling on the road.
  • We are both band geeks.
  • You'd be surprised, Kennedy is an amazing dancer.


Don't worry, I make sure to get all the shots! I don't want you to start getting ideas that this crazy photographer dances the entire time and not do her job. *GASP* well you are correct. jk.

still managed to photograph 7 weddings with a broken ass leg. just know i'm committed to you. 

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 You are weird and I like it.