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Sunrise Elopement in North Cascades National park- Camisa and Eric

Updated: Feb 14

The wedding day is the most memorable day in a couple's life – it's the day they come together with a promise to spend the rest of their lives together. And as a wedding photographer, I understand the importance of this day and always try my best to capture their special day in its true essence, so they always have their beautiful memories to look after.

When I got hired for Camisa and Eric’s wedding, I was more than ecstatic because I loved everything about their wedding day plan. I am an elopement photographer by expertise, and when I found out these two were planning an elopement wedding – that too at the North Cascades National Park, I knew I had to give my best!

Camisa and Eric got married on a beautiful morning in July in the North Cascades National Park. I was happy to find myself surrounded by snow-covered mountains even at this time of the year. Their wedding was nothing less than a winter fairytale – Camisa in her gorgeous white gown with Eric in his blue tuxedo and the snow making the perfect background, complimenting their outfits; everything was picture perfect that day!

We had all morning to ourselves, and I managed to get some amazing clicks of the couple during the shoot before the ceremony. I have to say, the mountains and the natural beauty of their location were truly the highlights of their wedding, but nothing could beat the look on both of their faces just being with each other.

Unlike popular conventional beliefs, elopement weddings are now just intimate events with close family members and friends. Hence, after the pre-wedding shoot was done, we met with Camisa and Eric’s family members, who waited patiently for the couple to tie the knot.

For me, their wedding will always be one of the most special and memorable weddings I have ever covered!

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