Savannah and Josh's Wedding- Siesta Keys

Updated: Mar 16

Have you ever visited a wedding and thought the couple looks like they are out of a glam magazine? When I visited Savannah and Josh's wedding, this was my first thought because the two looked stunning on their big day. I was with Savannah while she got her hair and makeup done – and while she is a gorgeous woman herself, her makeover just turned her into a supermodel. Meanwhile, Josh came looking dapper in his suit, and I was already excited to capture their couple portraits.

Savannah and Josh got married in Siesta Key, at one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. When I reached the venue, I was in awe. Their ceremony stage and aisle was so well decorated it looked like a movie set. I couldn't stop myself from taking detailed pictures of the venue. I did small boudoir session with Savannah, she came wearing a glamorous lace matching set with her customized hat that spelled “bride”.

Savannah and Josh met in Florida at a local bar but were so smitten by each other that they lived together within the first three months of their relationship. Only then they know they were meant for each other and even I could see that on their wedding day. The intimate shoot – which showed just how happy they were to be together. I also talked to the couple a little about their relationship and got to know the two were head over heels for each other from the very first day.

When Savannah walked down the aisle, everyone was in awe; she looked like a goddess! Her beautiful bridesmaids, all dressed up in matching and extremely stunning grey gowns, were all teary eyes looking at Savannah walk hand in hand with her dad to the love of her life. Both Josh and Savannah looked adorable when they tied the knot and said their vows. Their families and friends looked ecstatic but a little emotional when the two had their first kiss as husband and wife. I accompanied them to their reception as well, where everyone danced their hearts out!

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