Alex & Kaitlyn’s Destination Wedding in Key West

Updated: Jan 4

Some of my favorite weddings are high-energy, exciting celebrations. Kaitlyn and Alex’s Key West Florida destination wedding was exactly that! I gravitate towards outgoing, energetic couples, and when I learned about the vibe of their wedding - a rave-like party with everyone they love! - I knew it was going to be such a blast to photograph.

These two are so much fun - they met through a softball league and went to college together. They absolutely love going to music festivals together, which is where the rave-like elements came in at their wedding! Kaitlyn’s bridesmaids wore fanny packs while they were getting ready, a classic rave accessory, and the colors for this wedding were a neon-inspired palette! They are also huge fans of late-night Taco Bell runs and playing with their cute cute dog, Louie. This day was absolutely perfect - the weather was exactly right in Key West, so it was comfortable for everyone as they blasted music while they got ready! One of my favorite moments was the bride reading out a letter that Alex had written to her after she put her dress on. Not only was the letter for her, but Alex included the most touching, heartfelt words for each and every one of the women in the room. To have a connection with all of the bridesmaids like that was so special, and there were tears all around!

Alex also had his turn to cry during the ceremony - the connection of the entire wedding party and how ready these two were to kick off married life was so beautiful. Key West is the perfect destination wedding location. This wedding took place at the Amara Cay Resort, which is a truly beautiful Florida wedding venue - you just can’t beat the tropical vibes and sunshine here! Winter weddings in Florida are ideal; the weather is cool but not cold, so you can enjoy the outdoors without melting all your makeup off!

This wedding wrapped up with the best reception party. Kaitlyn made the leather jacket she wore herself, which was so impressive! It really complimented her dress and the energy of the day. Everyone was just having a blast dancing and celebrating. Having fun with the lighting at the reception is always so fun for me as the photographer! Playing with flash and movement makes for some really cool memories to look back on.

If a Key West Florida destination wedding sounds like a dream come true, reach out to me here! I’d love to be part of your magical day!

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