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Kaitlyn and Jesse's Elopement- Cape Kiwanda Beach, Oregon

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

The most important and memorable day in a couple’s life is their wedding day; hence as a photographer,
I aim to capture their moments of this special day the best way I can. When I was hired to take
responsibility for Kaitylin and Jesse’s wedding photography, I was more than excited to accompany them
on their most special day – mainly because I loved the location and the overall theme they chose for
their wedding.
Kaitlyn and Jesse had their wedding at the popular elopement destination: Cape Kiwanda Beach in
Oregon. It was a small intimate event with just the two of them, their very close friends and family, and
their adorable little daughter. Unlike popular and conventional beliefs, the definition of an elopement
wedding has evolved. The term now refers to a small-scale and intimate wedding conducted secretly,
which is precisely what Kaitlyn and Jesse chose for their day. And since I am an elopement photographer
by expertise, I had a great time working with the two of them.
My favorite part about photographing an elopement wedding is focusing on the couple and taking
intimate and romantic pictures of them. I loved how I had the perfect opportunity to capture these two
in their element – totally smitten by each other – on this day. Kaitlyn and Jesse tied the knot and said
their vows to each other with a beautiful view, a setting sun, and a clear sea in front of them – their
wedding photographs seem something out of a movie.
Two moments from their special day were particularly my favorite to capture. The first one is capturing
the groom's reaction after seeing his bride walk out in her gorgeous wedding dress. Jesse looked
surprised, emotional, and in love all at once when he looked at Kaitlyn for the first time in her beautiful
white dress - showing how absolutely head over heels he is for her. The second moment, of course, was
taking their family photo with their adorable daughter – who kept smiling at her parents and looked
more photogenic than anyone present at the scene.
Jesse and Kaitlyn’s wedding will forever be one of the most memorable elopement weddings I have
photographed. I wish the two of them a happy and loving life with each other and their daughter!

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