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Intimate Florida Spring Wedding- Kristy and Pedro

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Marriage is all about two loving hearts coming together with a promise of a lifetime. It is a truly magical time in a person’s life, and I feel absolutely lucky to have witnessed and captured this beautiful moment in Kristy and Pedro’s life.
Kirsty Will and Pedro Espada tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony on the 27th of November, 2021. It was a beautiful early winter afternoon at the Espada home garden, where the two exchanged rings and vows in front of their close friends and family members. The two talked about each other in their vows and took us back to the beginning of their forever.

The reception was held at the Espada House, but they privately exchanged their vows at the Rock Springs. I accompanied the couple to the springs for their portraits and was mesmerized by how beautiful the photos turned out. You could see their love for each other in every photo I took of them - the two seemed absolutely head over heels for each other. The bride looked absolutely breathtaking in her wedding dress as the couple posed for their pictures surrounded by nature.
The couple’s first dance was the highlight of the evening. It was mesmerizing to look at the two locking eyes and swaying at the music together – their chemistry was incredibly fascinating. All in all, it was a lovely day for the couple, and we only wish them a healthy and happy life ahead!

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