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Grand Tetons National Park Wedding- Kristin and Stephen

Updated: Feb 14

You know how people say when you find that one person who fits right in your life – you shouldn’t let them go because they are your soulmate? Well, it was hard for me to believe this saying until I met Kristin and Stephen and photographed their wedding.

Kristin and Stephen met for the first at a rowing gym that Stephen owned, and Kristin had been a former rower in her college before – what are the odds, right? The first time I heard this story, I was surprised, but as I learned more about them, I realized these two are meant for each other. Their shared love for camping, rowing, music and even horses was all evident when I captured their big day and saw them together, sharing their vows.

Kristin and Stephen got married in a beautiful CM Ranch in Dubois, surrounded by natural beauty and their loved ones. It was a lovely location – with hills and lake water, making the perfect background for pictures. The two had separate group pictures with their bridesmaids and groomsmen at the getting ready location – the girls were in their robes, and the guys were in casual attire, enjoying a few drinks before everyone got ready and headed for the ceremony.

The location for the wedding ceremony was also just wonderful; the minimal decoration and the natural beauty were all we needed to keep our focus on the gorgeous couple. The two couldn't keep their eyes on each other while their family looked at them in awe and with love. You'd be surprised to know some beautiful brown horses also made an appearance at their wedding – it was the perfect addition to their wedding celebration as it's both of their favorite animal.

For me, the best thing about their wedding was the dress code. All the bridesmaids donned gorgeous jade green gowns – each stitched in a different design to showcase everyone's personal style. At the same time, the guys wore grey suits with matching green ties.

All in all, Kristin and Stephan’s wedding was a beautiful and raw display of love, family and fun. We had an amazing time on their big day and only wish they have more fun and loving days in their life ahead!

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