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Emma and Harry's Elopement- North Cascades, WA

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

When I got hired to photograph Emma and Harry's wedding, I couldn't wait to photograph it high up in the mountain's of North cascades. The snow-covered mountains, the glaciers and the lakes – everything looked like It was out of a painting. I loved that they kept their wedding event small and focused more on each other than the people around them. Since elopement photography is my forte, I felt like I was entirely in my element for the 4 hours I spent with the couple.

I had the best time up in the national park, surrounded by deep forests and glacier-fed

lakes. We didn't feel that we were working for a minute. Everything was so serene and spectacular that we felt like we were tourists. Moreover, wedding photography is my passion, and I enjoy it most when I can focus on the couple without any distractions – and I had ample opportunities for this at Emma and Harry's Elopement.

Emma and Harry's Elopement is one the most beautiful weddings I have attended and photographed. They looked so happy and in love, at that one point, I even felt emotional. We took numerous portraits with the two smiling and kissing each other in every picture. Their event was minimal, nothing extravagant, but the beauty surrounding them compensated for everything. From the pictures photographed and witnessing them together, it was evident that the two of them are made for each other. Their wedding will always be memorable for me, and I only wish them a beautiful life ahead!

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