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Downtown Seattle intimate wedding at Canlis Restaurant- Merla and Najee

Updated: Feb 14

When you love someone and decide to get married to them, all you care about is being with them. At that moment, nobody or nothing in this world seems as important as being with the person you love the most. And this is exactly what I saw at Marla and Najee’s intimate wedding at The Canlis Restaurant in downtown Seattle Washington.

Marla and Najee got married on a pleasant April evening in the very beautiful Canlis Restaurant. I first met the bride and groom with their close friends in the hotel room, where the two were getting ready – all nervous and excited to tie the knot. Merla and the brides sat in their matching robes and took many photos before they changed into their main outfits, and all the bridesmaids wore champagne dresses, while Merla appeared in a beautiful yet simple white gown.

Since the ceremony was on a rooftop terrace, we headed upstairs for more portraits of the couple. Their wedding was a small and intimate. There weren't many people from both sides, and the two were the happiest, surrounded by just their closest ones. We stood on the rooftop overlooking Seattle and captured some incredible pictures of the couple with the city's skyline in the background.

Theirs was a non-traditional, formal event, and I was in awe to see the beauty of just two people happy in their own element. There were no traditional segments at the wedding, no garter toss or introductions or even the first dances – yet, it was so much fun to see people mingling with each other with true sincerity and their love for the beautiful couple.

From their wedding, I realized Meral and Najee are two private people but are also true romantics. From exploring restaurants to watching shows and going on long drives together, those two are smitten with each other, and I could see it in their eyes when I captured their first kiss.

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