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Costa Rica Destination Wedding at Dream Las Mareas Resort | Shayla & Matt

Weddings like Shayla and Matt’s Costa Rica destination wedding are my all time favorites! I am always so excited for fun, electric celebrations like this one. Shayla was one of the happiest brides I have ever seen, and their joy (and the whole family’s!) made this wedding so special. This is the perfect inspiration for your own destination wedding.

Shayla and Matt were so goofy! They had the most infectious smiles and were just having the most fun together. I could tell they were absolutely meant to find each other. They met through work, and Matt took Shayla down to Mukilteo Beach in Washington to propose. He pretended that they were there to “meet a friend and deliver a birthday gift.” Next thing she knew, he was down on one knee! Shayla gave Matt’s two daughters necklaces as gifts while they were getting ready. Quiet moments like these just melt my heart!!

A Costa Rica Destination Wedding Venue

It was rainy and muggy the day Shayla and Matt got married, but the weather in Costa Rica is so perfect year-round that the rain didn’t slow them down! Cloudy weather is actually my favorite to shoot in, and I was able to get some truly dreamy pictures. Plus, this resort wedding venue was stunning! Dream Las Mareas is right on Arboleda Beach in Costa Rica, so the views are perfect for a wedding and staying a while to kick off your honeymoon! Shayla and Matt brought the goofy vibes straight into their ceremony at the resort - Matt looked directly at the camera for a portrait while he slid the ring onto Shayla’s finger, which had me laughing so hard!!

Costa Rica Destination Wedding Reception

The highlight of this wedding for me as the photographer was right at the end. I asked the family if they’d be down to jump into the pool, and they were so excited to go for it! Family members were coming up and asking me if it was time yet during the whole reception. I love it when the wedding party is willing to try the crazy things I suggest, and having them all splash around in the pool together was both sweet and hilarious!

Planning a Costa Rica destination wedding? Or maybe in another wild and beautiful location? Reach out to me here and we can plan a ton of crazy fun together!

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