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Cabin Creek Lodge Fall Wedding | Madysen and Derek

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

As a wedding photographer, I tend to meet many couples and get to know their stories. And there is nothing I love more than watching the sparkle in their eyes when they talk about each other. This is how I understand the bond the couple shares and enjoy photographing their special day even more. Something similar happened when I was hired to capture Madysen and Derek's wedding. I could see the two were crazy in love with each other. They were so happy to be together that you could tell this just by looking at their wedding photos. .

The two met at a local swimming hole and were smitten by each other from the first day. For their first date, they went snowshoeing – and like a true romantic, this is exactly where Derek asked for Madysen’s hand in marriage. This only showed how thoughtful they are towards each other. From the very time I met them, I was very excited to be present at their wedding – and when the day came, I was ecstatic!

The two got married at the beautiful Cabin Creek Lodge in Easton, surrounded by greenery and their thrilled, but very emotional, family members and friends. They might not look like it, they made sure their wedding had all the traditional segments on their wedding day. From the first look, to the vows, to the bouquet, and I made sure I captured them all.

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