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Adventurous Treehouse Point Wedding in Issaquah WA| Shanna and Joe

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Throughout my career as a wedding photographer, I have realized that if there is one thing I absolutely
love about my profession, it's noticing and capturing people’s emotions on their big day. My focus is on observing how the couple and everyone around them is experiencing myriad of emotions, how their
expressions change, and the way everyone's face is beaming with excitement. And this is exactly what I
got to witness at Shanna and Joe’s Wedding.
Shanna and Joe had an intimate wedding ceremony at the Treehouse Point in Issaquah. It was a small-
scale event with just the close friends and family of the bride and groom. The two had their portraits
taken at the treehouse, followed by their reception which was held at the lodge.. The location had
minimal decoration with a major focus on the natural beauty. We were all surrounded by trees and
greenery, giving their photographers a natural and stunning backdrop to work with.
I loved the vibe of the whole place – there was fun, laughter, happy tears, and lots of emotions. I got to
witness a lot of fun moments shared between the couple and their friends – the bridesmaids and
groomsmen. There were 4 bridesmaids dressed up in green dresses, but each was designed differently
to showcase their individual styles. The groomsmen looked dapper in their tuxedos and formal suits. I
also accompanied the boys to the fence of the lodge, where they had a small cigar party with the groom.
There was a beautiful waterfall and a river flowing very close to the event location. I finished off the
couple's shoot at the river where the two sat on the rocks. I truly appreciated the bride for being herself
even on her big day. Shanna was totally in her comfort zone – very adventurous, climbing the rocks
wearing her white sneakers. You can see it in their pictures; the two of them had a blast at their
One of the best moments of the wedding for me was capturing Joe when he saw Shanna walk out in her
white dress for the first time. Joe got teary-eyed, and the two shared a warm hug – I have to admit that
moment got me a little emotional as well.

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