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Adventurous North Cascades Elopement | DJ and Krystin

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

DJ and Krystin didn’t let anything stand in the way of their ideal elopement experience! The road to Artist Point was closed, so the entire family hiked seven miles to the top to witness these two get married. You read that right - SEVEN miles!! DJ and Krystin both have incredible spirits for unique experiences, and wanted to make their elopement feel that way too! They traveled all the way from Florida to Washington for this perfect, adventurous North Cascades elopement.

I went to high school with DJ (we were classmates in band at Timber Creek High School in Florida!) and was so excited when he reached out to me! He saw me post about the North Cascades on my Instagram and knew it was the perfect place for their elopement! DJ and Krystin met while at college in Florida, and have been inseparable adventurers ever since.

I loved all the details for this elopement - Krystin wore a stunning gown from The Collection Bridal, and DJ really rounded out the Washington vibes with his cufflinks! They had the sweetest private first look outside their Airbnb before making the trek up into the mountains on a gorgeous August day. The air was crisp without being cold, and not hot enough to sweat through our boots! Watching DJ’s three brothers hike up together was one of the most heartwarming moments for me. The intimate family element of this North Cascades elopement was so special!!

And of course, after the long hike up the mountain, what better way to celebrate than a big group cheer with travel-size alcohol?! Witnessing the love and joy and excitement for these two was an absolute honor. I loved that the families got to experience the beauty of Washington with DJ and Krystin. This adventurous North Cascades elopement was truly a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience!

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