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Danielle & Zachary's Wedding

Walking up to this venue was more than breathtaking. A beautiful large white bed and breakfast home right on the lake, with gorgeous large moss trees on the property. My second photographer Paige Wells and myself head into the bridal suite where the girls are getting ready. The atmosphere was so light and happy. Champagne in their hands, music blaring, girls getting their make up and hair done. Seriously the most chill and fun bridesmaids. I don't think there was a moment where we were not all laughing and cracking jokes that day. I sometimes forgot I was the photographer but just another friend on Danielle and Zach's wedding day.

Danielle and Zach decided to not do a first look, they did however did decide to hold hands and connect behind two walls separating them. I could only imagine how anxious one could be before walking down the isle. You could tell they felt so relaxed finally having that time to just touch one another before the big ceremony.

Watching Zach's reaction to Danielle coming down the isle was so beautiful. You could really tell he found his perfect human. Zach adores Danielle, it was very clear that day. The entire ceremony was filled with tears, laughter, joy and love. Both family's have a history of long lasting marriages of years and years. Danielle and Zach will have no problem following in their parents footsteps.

When I finally got Danielle and Zach alone it was the first time they had together as a married couple. As a photographer this is always my favorite part of the whole day. They finally can embrace one another and just let it hit them that they are FINALLY married, I'm the one who gets to witness that. I'm the one who gets to capture that.

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