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Michael & Morgan Water Shoot

When Michael and Morgan First met, Michael was starting his senior year of High School, Morgan was beginning her Junior year. They constantly had mutual friends where they just so happened to always see each other or bump into each other around school. They were grouped together because of baseball and softball. Junior year Morgan was nominated for homecoming court and reached out to a couple of friends asking for their vote. (which so happened to be him). Ever since that reply back from Michael they have been together for six years. High school sweethearts. As the photographers view of this whole shoot, I'll tell you I've never met these two prior to this session. However, I feel as though they were suppose to be in my life along time ago. Their love for one another inspires me as a photographer, their love is steamy and so wild yet so tamed. To all the other girls reading this, when you scroll to see these photos, look at how Michael looks at Morgan, honestly I didn't have to tell him to do this, find a guy to look at you this way.

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