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I get it, not everyone gets married everyday.  That's what I'm here for. However, it's important we understand each other first. I want to give you so much more than just pretty photos- but an EXPERIENCE.
I'm not for everyone, and that's okay! If your only looking for the fly on the wall, hermit crab type of photographer. I'm just not your gal.

I'm just here to photograph your day. Whatever that looks like. I'm all about breaking taboo and doing things your way.

The pressure of having your wedding day evolve around what everyone else expects from you  can be exhausting. I'm down for the non-traditions if that's what you want. That's what this is all really about right? Wanna get married on the side of a dangerous cliff and elope. or maybe have a live jazz band play at your reception. Maybe for those day after photos we go rock climbing in a white jumper. Maybe you don't wear the normal " white wedding dress".


It's your day, no one else's. I'm just there to document it so you have these memories for years to come. You have my full support in doing whatever makes the day feel like you. I have your back. 

What Brides are saying their experience was with me.

"I felt a huge weight lift off me when she arrived cause i knew it was go time. I knew we had a schedule and she was going to keep me going. Because that's the type of person you get when you work with Lindsay; a dope ass friend."

"She not only took special time to capture every little detail but also made us comfortable around her. She goes out of her way to joke with you and help with everything she can."

"We’ve done photo shoots in the past where we felt so awkward and unnatural with all types of bizzare poses that we would never do. But with Lindsay it was SO fun! She is so warm and kind it made us feel like we were just taking pics with a friend we’ve known forever."

"The space between our engagement shoot and wedding I found myself missing Lindsay’s spirit and being so excited to see her on our wedding day. The day came and again she was on top of everything and put everyone including me (the crazy bride) at ease."

"My entire planning process was stress free and easy – from her online questionnaires, to her speedy responses to emails, and regular over the phone check-ins... we felt like we knew her and she really knew us before we ever met in person."

"Lindsay makes the process seamless so you really feel like you're just hanging out. My fiance had hesitations and reservations, we were both in our heads prior to the shoot, stressed out and a little on edge going into it but by the end all of that was gone. We were in much better moods."

Want More?

Do you want another vendor taking your wedding images or a new bestie for life?

I have your back the moment you book me. You need to Face Time because wedding planning is getting too stressful, talk to me sugar. You need me to bring you coffee in the morning on your wedding day, what flavor do you want? Need the best dress fluffer at any given moment? This chick right here! Need me to have a fanny pack that carries EVERYTHING you may need, call me Mary Poppins.  Whatever it is, I'm right there in your corner. I don't want to show up on your wedding day awkwardly walking into the bridal suite as another one of your "vendors". Oh heck no! I love walking into the bridal suite with open arms to see you because we have already built a foundation of friendship. This is hands down my favorite part of any wedding day. I want to chat over text when you finally say yes to the dress and you send me pictures. I will respond with a million stupid GIFS because I need you to know how freaking excited I am to photograph you in that dress. I don't want to just know the wedding details, I want to know what you love to do on the weekends, how he proposed, what do they say to get on your last nerve. I want the good and ugly. When the wedding day comes I'm just another bridesmaid in the room and because of that you will feel so much more comfortable with me. Because of this I am able to document your special day all that much easier.
Morgan and Michael watching a Same Day Slideshow I made them on the day of their wedding. Here is their reactions to seeing their wedding pictures from earlier that day!
I am not about that awkward forced posey shit. When we are shooting together I want you to remember how you felt towards each other in that moment. We are not just creating beautiful portraits. It's so much more than that.
This is how I feel when it comes to documenting your story. Photographs will be all you have in the end to remember your important day by. I won't shoot what I see, I will capture what it feels like.

The importance of photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce.

I'm not going to have you smile and tilt your head like your getting your first grade pictures done.


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